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Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems

Elmira Pump provides industrial waste water treatment products, treatment systems, recycling systems and custom solutions to industry across Canada and the US. 

Custom Design of Waste Water Treatment Systems

Regulatory standards set forth by legislation such as Ontario's Clean Water Act mandate processing of industrial waste water that may contain heavier than normal levels of contaminants.

The Elmira Pump Company works with industrial clients on custom solutions for reclaiming and repurposing this waste water to achieve consistent compliance with allowable discharge parameters and to increase yield in recoverable materials. 

From the removal of heavy metals, oil and grease to BOD and other organics, our waste water treatment experts will work with you to provide a treatment system that meets your discharge requirements and integrates with your plant control systems.

We design, engineer and manufacture practical, cost-effective solutions leveraging current technologies.

Whether your needs are minimal or complex, our team will help you find the solution that fits your needs with:

  • Methodically, thorough approach to functional design
  • Pre-engineered, pre-built and thoroughly tested systems
  • Virtually no site interruption during installation
  • Fast connection and integration with exiting systems and controls
  • Ongoing service and maintenance

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Waste Water Treatment Systems


  • Metal Finishers
  • Automotive
  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Chemical Companies
  • Food Processors

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